Paranormal Experience at Haunted Mines 11/9/19

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Paranormal Experience at Haunted Mines 11/9/19

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Once home to a popular nightclub, this location houses the newest haunted attraction in Colorado Springs, Haunted Mines. Paranormal experiences include shadows, disembodied voices/laughter, mysterious sounds from a dance floor long gone... do you dare to share our experiences?

Tickets are $30 a person.

There is a MAX of 20 participants.

There is no minimum age, however, this is an actual haunted location so parental discretion is advised.

Doors open 9:45 pm. Investigation starts at 10pm.


No alcohol or drug use before/during event.

No provoking of spirits. We are not a ghost show on TV.

No verbal/physical/sexual harassment. This also includes no purposely scaring others or other inappropriate language/behavior.

No wandering away from your group. Emergencies happen, but please tell one of our investigators.

Do not touch the props. If you bump something, please let us know immediately.

You are welcome to bring/use your own equipment. Please do not shine flashlights into our sensitive equipment. Cameras are encouraged without flash.

If you cannot follow any of these rules, you may be asked to leave the event without refund. No exceptions.

Feel free to contact us