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a little about us...

We are a group of seasoned paranormal investigators who strive to understand the paranormal world. We use scientific methods to determine if a location is haunted or something else. Debunking is something we take pride in, but first and foremost we love to have a great time together! We do not charge for our services. Please feel free to contact us on Facebook or CheyenneMountainParanormal@gmail.com.


ERin (Crazy Cat lady)


Erin has been fascinated with the paranormal since a child, which led her to join her first team in 2013. She enjoys investigating new (and old) locations and meeting new friends (yay paraunity!). Her favorite locations include Fox Hollow Farm, Asylum 49, Outlaws and Lawman Jail Museum, and Hellscream Haunts. 


Mike ("the president")


Mike is a technology professional. Mike has been officially investigating with a group since mid 2013. If there is a technical issue Mike is able to fix it! 

Currently Mike managed the equipment, website, and anything that needs fixing. 

Places investigated include Asylum 49 (official), Cripple Creek Jail (official), Victor Hotel (official), HellScream Haunts (official), Stanley Hotel (Un-offiacal), Women's prison Canyon City (official)


Susan (Mom)


Susan has been around the paranormal all her life. Her grandmother was very gifted and shared her experiences and communications with the family. Susan thought everyone saw ghosts and communicated with them. Susan recently became actively involved in researching and experiencing the paranormal, deciding to go to it, rather than wait for paranormal experiences to happen. Susan’s favorite nearby investigation sites are the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, NM, the Stanley Hotel, the Victor Hotel and the Cripple Creek Jail.

Susan enjoys leading the paranormal experiences at Hellscream Haunts. The place really is haunted and it is fun to introduce people to the paranormal.


Charli (The Unicorn)


Charli is an adventurous, nature-loving, paranormal fanatic. A professional ghost hunter for five years, she has been fascinated by anything paranormal or spooky her whole life. When she’s not hunting things that go bump in the night, she can be found surrounded by animals, writing, camping, or trying new things.


Jennifer (SiRen)


Jennifer has been surrounded by paranormal since she was a small child. At a young age she remembers seeing, hearing and interacting with spirits. When she noticed she wasn’t like most people she began to ask questions. From there her grandmother became her supporter and teacher as she too was gifted. Once the acceptance came, the romance, learning and fascination with the paranormal began. She continues to strengthen her ability as much as she can when the opportunity arises. Jennifer  currently uses her gift to communicate, investigate, and help bring answers and relief to people. A couple of places she has investigated that are special to her:  Evergreen Chapel and Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital in South Korea.  When she’s not investigating she can be found spending time with her family, shooting photography or singing. 


Jennifer ( Jenny from the block)

Jenny from the block born and raised in Colorado our home town girl has been dabbling in the paranormal experience for several year. She's a wife and proud mom of 3. She has been operating her own nonprofit haunted house attractions for the last 20 years. She has been working to support  the local schools and community for numerous years.

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Kelly (clarkson)

Bio Pending



Spike is our team's mascot. He loves taking pictures and hunting ghosts. His motion detection sensors in his chest allows him to find anyone or anything that walks infront of him.